Light Pole Foundations

Light pole bases from Bethlehem Precast can be fabricated to your design specifications – whether large or small. We deliver to your job site for easy lift and installation. Less expensive than pouring in place, precast light pole bases eliminate four to six items from the scope of work.  Bethlehem Precast is an accredited supplier of light pole bases for PPL Electric Utility Company.

Precast advantages include:

  • Durability
  • Consistency in appearance
  • Cost savings
  • Ease of construction
  • Made to customers specifications
  • Choose from curbside standards for highway, parking lot standards or stadium standards
  • Bases have preformed openings along the sides and the top for easy wiring connections
  • If required, customer supplied conduits can also be embedded per specifications
  • Customer supplied anchor bolts and pattern shall be as specified by light pole manufacturer
  • Standard 8-inch by 11-inch shop cards for owner’s approval


Light Pole Base Sizes and Specifications